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I'm Kathy Bee. As some of you know I produced and hosted a TV show about “People Helping People” called Touching Lives that promoted positive up-lifting stories and how-to information. For 10 years, from 1998 to 2008, 250 shows aired on cable TV in 14 Southern California cities.  

I am originally from a small town in Ohio with no previous ties to the entertainment community.

What I do have is a dream...

My main purpose for producing Touching Lives was because I was very disappointed with all of the negative shows that were on TV. I craved information that would help people and improve the lives of others.

In 2008, I became deeply involved in working with our local hospital by being the Chair of the Corporate Board and had no time for the show.

Last year, after enrolling in CEO Space International, I was so impressed with the members, whose primary goal was to promote cooperation. I discovered people who were focused on helping others, synergy, win/win, sharing and caring. This group inspired me to pursue revamping and revitalizing Touching Lives.  

WHAT IS Touching Lives Multimedia Inc.

Touching Lives Multimedia Inc. is my umbrella company that supports positive programming and provides an outlet for marketing opportunities as well as a space/facility for live events.

I realized that this was going not going to happen overnight. In the past, when I was able to accomplish big goals, I would break them down into little steps. As you will see, I am filling you in on this journey as I go along...

I want to include you while I'm on my quest to support and promote "Good News"!

So leave me your comments below...

Step 1 evolve...create a new plan...

With all the new technology today, I decided to expand Touching Lives by including multimedia exposure that integrates TV, internet marketing through the website, and a facility that offers professional audio & video filming and taping capacity in front of a live audience and serves as the perfect rental space for on location Movie/TV filming, demo reels, seminars, workshops and training facility.

Step 2 say thank you to all past outstanding guests...

TOUCHING LIVES TV "People Helping People Award Show

In Novemver 2012, the 1st Annual Touching Lives TV People Helping People" Award Show honored 13 well deserving honorees. This was "Sold-Out event, a Red Carpet celebrity supported gala held in Hollywood, CA.

Step 3 Secure & Develop TLTV Space

I believe that things happen for a reason when your are in the right place at the right time...

Next to (my husband Don's business) Hampton Blowers, a warehouse space became vacant. This was not just any empty space to me... I could immediately see a stage, lights cameras, the audience, vendors, supporters...

I told Don that I would love to have this facility for the TV Show and other projects. Realizing the costs...both of us took a hard look at what it was going to take to make this happen.

One thing that I had to really think about was getting out of the ceative mode...When I am writing songs, books or plays, I am not available to phone calls. This had to change...I had to become the manager of the facility...


Step 4 I Need Your Help

Learning how to ask for help...that was a little difficult for me. However I realized that without getting help from dreams would not come true. So I'm asking for your help. If you know anyone who fits the list below...have them go to or call me at 562 -803-8835...

I'm searching for people who would like to partner with me or rent the TLTV Space including...

Professional Speakers

TV/Movie Producers

Event Planners


Entrepreneurs/Business Owners




TV & Movie Location Management Companies

Music Videos

Professional Work Shop Trainers

Web Marketers

Professional Photographers

Kathy Bee

Kathy Bee CEO/Touching Lives Multimedia Inc

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